CHILI GraFx: Powering Creative Automation at Scale

Embark on a lightning-fast journey into the world of CHILI GraFx, our Creative Automation platform! We’ve created 4 bite-sized videos that reveal all the magic of CHILI GraFx in under 3 minutes total. Get ready to be wowed!

4 Snappy Product Clips

Learn GraFx Studio & Multichannel Template Creation

See how GraFx Studio streamlines multichannel production. Follow a typical workflow: set up branding elements with GraFx Stylekits, add fonts and brand colors, and create styles. Design using our tools, connect your DAM, and organize layouts for various channels and sizes. Enhance your designs with our user-friendly animation feature. Yes, all that in 38 seconds! For a full demo, click the link below.

Add Variables and Logic with GraFx Studio and GraFx Genie

Learn how to add variables in GraFx Studio that let you to switch between objects for variant production, such as showcasing different products. Discover how to incorporate actions and logic, like associating colors with discount percentages, by writing a few lines of code. If coding isn't your strength, use GraFx Genie our AI Assistant to generate the necessary code and logic instantly. For a detailed demo, click the link below.

Master CHILI GraFx Platform Management

Discover the dashboard analytics, template management, user role assignments, and team organization features of CHILI GraFx. See resource management in action, including font and media uploads, and learn how easy it is to integrate CHILI GraFx with your DAM. For a deeper dive, contact us for a full demo by clicking the link below.

The End User Workspace: Scale Your Content Creation

Explore the End User Workspace where everything comes together. Learn how to create on-brand content at scale, including ads for online campaigns, with retargeting on social media, print advertising, and signage for various locations. For a deeper dive, request a demo by clicking the link below.

CHILI GraFx is an adaptable, online platform that boosts the creative production of multichannel, always-on brand, audience-specific, graphic output at scale. Created for Designers, engineered for Developers, CHILI GraFx empowers teams to both create impactful designs and integrate effective solutions quickly and securely for each end user or for batch output using a data-driven approach.

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