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Mike Grehan

Mike is an entrepreneur and global leader in the funeral industry.

He has lived and worked in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and UK. He has worked for companies including KPMG, Qantas & United Technologies.

In 2000 he commenced with SCI (now InvoCare) in Sydney. As Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer he was responsible for corporatizing dispersed independently managed funeral and cemetery locations into the cohesive market leading business that it is today. Mike’s drive and foresight and branding strategies ultimately led to the successfully IPO. InvoCare is now valued at over $1.7B.

Currently based in the UK, Mike continues to lead global funeral industry change. He is President and CEO of LifeArt, a company winning international awards for its low cost, low carbon emission, personalisable coffins.

LifeArt has developed the new generation of coffins technology that will see the world move away from high polluting MDF and Particleboard coffins to sustainable sourced recycled EnviroBoard coffins. In addition, LifeArt has established a digital technology platform that facilitates mass personalization on an efficient basis.

In 2018 Mike was recognised as “Australian Entrepreneur of the Year”.