Theresa Regli

Theresa Regli is a 25-year veteran of the information technology industry, with a particular focus on DAM for the last decade. She advises C-level executives and project leads on DAM and MarTech strategy, data design, and product selection, and subsequently supports the sustainment of digital stewardship and best practices. Based in London, she focuses much of her work on cultural heritage institutions including The Museum of London and The Art Fund, the UK’s largest art charity. By contrast, she has led and developed DAM strategy for over 20% of the Fortune 500, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Shell, and Nestlé.

Over the course of her career Theresa has authored over 1000 pages of in-depth research on the DAM and MarTech industries, vendors, and tools, and she is the
author of the definitive book on managing media and digital marketing assets, Digital & Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story of DAM Technology & Practice. She has presented keynote presentations in over 20 countries over the last ten years, and is frequently a guest lecturer in the digital media Master’s program at Kings College, London.

Theresa’s client base has also included: National Geographic, Madison Square Garden, Victoria’s Secret, the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences, UPS, Progressive Insurance, Chanel, Tourism Ireland, The UK National Trust, The British Museum, IKEA,, Sesame Workshop, The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, Lands’ End, and The New England Journal of Medicine.