How GraFx publisher differs from Canva Enterprise

Canva Enterprise is a well known, simple SaaS solution for design teams. But for high-volume design-variant workflows, you’ll need a robust engine with an open API like GraFx publisher. GraFx publisher is uniquely suited to large-scale, multichannel marketing.

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Create & edit designs the way you want

Multiple options for document creation.
GraFx publisher’s completely customizable editor meets the needs and skills of any user.
The editor makes creating and personalizing artwork as easy as filling in a form or importing a spreadsheet.
A comprehensive API integrates with your DAM, CMS, CRM, PIM, etc., enabling creation of customized artwork directly from these systems!

Next-level document intelligence

Intelligent document processing guarantees design quality and brand identity at high volume.
GraFx publisher imports from sources like DAM, PIM, CRM or spreadsheets, delivering variable content and design choices simultaneously.
Variables and conditional logic provide single-click changes to multiple design and content elements such as image, product name, color scheme, price, etc.
Granular controls allow easy setting of document object-level controls for all user interactions.
Dynamic layouts streamline repurposing assets for today’s high volume, multichannel marketing with any number of variants required.

Further document intelligence includes:
Alternate layouts - Create standardized layouts, sizes, etc. for different purposes, regions or channels (such as A4 vs. US Letter).
Smart crop - Ensure design elements don’t shift unpredictably during automated repurposing.

GraFx publisher is built for high-volume graphic production

A comprehensive REST API for integration with your existing technologies.
GraFx publisher interacts with both SaaS and non-SaaS enterprise systems.
Integrates robust, adaptable workflows with systems like DAM, PIM, CMS, CRM, and eCommerce.

All of GraFx publisher’s functionality is API-accessible, enabling endless custom web applications and design use-cases, including:

Brand portals


Variable Data Printing

Direct mail

Headless design

Adobe® integration

Your designers do their best work with Adobe® tools—with GraFx publisher that’s an advantage, not a problem.
GraFx publisher integrates with Adobe® tools via robust, native application plugins.
Designers work with tools they love without a learning curve or quality compromises.
Exporting artwork to GraFx publisher templates maintains every design element of your Adobe artwork.

The Variable Actions functions is everybody’s sweetheart. We’re creating templates non-stop, and this function truly is the single source of data-driven collateral creation. It allows the client to leverage its data sources to produce multiple production-ready documents.

Ben Summers

@ Libris Systems

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