Franchise marketing with Smart Templates

Franchising is all about consistency. How can franchisors and franchisees work together while maintaining a single consistent marketing presence?

Marketing a franchise business: a delicate balance

While the franchisor wants to maintain a strong, consistent, and recognizable brand, the franchisee must have a certain degree of autonomy. How can franchisees enjoy a certain degree of freedom while strictly following the franchise’s brand identity guidelines?

Strong franchise brand

Freedom for franchisee

Follow brand identity guidelines

Why franchisees need to be able to do their own marketing

Franchisees operate in their local market and need the freedom to connect to their community. Smart templates give franchisees the tools they need to localize, customize, and personalize marketing their materials. Franchisors can rest assured the brand is protected because the brand identity guidelines are built-in.

Franchisees connect to their community

Tools to adapt their marketing materials

Brand is protected

Data-driven marketing: the key to scale for franchise marketing

Many franchisors have extensive data sets with information about individual franchises, products, prices, and promotions. Connecting this data to Smart Templates lets companies execute marketing campaigns at scale, with zero errors.

Use data sets

Connect data to Smart Templates

Execute marketing campaigns at scale

Les concepteurs étaient enchantés par la facilité d’utilisation et la vitesse à laquelle il est possible de mettre un modèle en ligne. Notre équipe de marketing était impressionnée par l’évolutivité et les fonctionnalités.

Ted Straus

@ Suttle-Straus

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