Managing DAM & PIM data for Smart Templates in hyper-speed dynamic promotions

Ready to unlock your creative team's full potential? Free your creative and marketing teams from manual tasks to create dynamic promotional campaigns at scale with Creative Automation to speed up digital and print output for hyper-speed promotions.

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During this webinar recording, Gerd Van Gils, Account Executive at CHILI publish and Dominic Vieregge, Sales and marketing Director at 4ALLPORTAL, discuss how how you can meet today’s fast-moving consumer expectations by leveraging the power of DAM and PIM data integrated in Smart Templates to produce hyper-speed dynamic promotions.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • How to deliver automated dynamic print and digital output
  • Time-saving best practices for consumer brands
  • How Smart Templates leverage the power of DAM/PIM data to scale graphic production