KAN design on CHILI publisher

KAN Design & Brand management has been around for 30 years, serving a wide variety of B2B companies and brands with brand management, development and marketing solutions. 7 years after implementing CHILI publisher, the company develops on average +25 000 documents per year with CHILI publisher via their Kadanza platform. 7 people out of 20 employees in total work with CHILI publisher full-time. Nico concludes: "Brands are all about innovation and consistency. A successful business is too. The integration of CHILI publisher really opened up new opportunities for us. And markets. Our team has grown, we opened up an office in New York, a partnership in Zurich and keep on developed new solutions to help our customers with their brand management. It truly is a great solution with amazing features. We love working with a team that understands our forward-looking vision and offers the future-proof service to match.”