Brian Roels

muk8ihs0sv Chapter Lead at CHILI publish

Speaking about: A live integration with the new platform - November 23, 13:15

Open architecture and integration are the foundations of the CHILI publish core product values. During this session we’ll take you through the steps to make your first integration the new way. Basic knowledge of NPM is advised, but we’ll take it from the start.

About Brian Roels

Brian was born as a first-class nerd, breaking his first computer at the age of 6 by fiddling in the BIOS, especially interested in hardware, but infected by the developer lifestyle in college. He is passionate about the wholesome world of JavaScript, but a strong believer in TypeScript. At night he like to play around with consumer focused AI and if days had 28 hours, he would continue to explore the world of AI and ML by revisiting some side projects that are put on hold right now.

As a Chapter Lean, he oversees that development is going strong and that all best-practices and agreements are being lived by, but also still getting his hands dirty with development tasks. One of his core day-to-day tasks is making sure that knowledge is shared, either via documentation or via hand-on meetings and demos, and that’s what he plans to do at SPICY talks '22 Europe: share the knowledge that we’ve built up in the last year of development on our new products, SDKs and APIs. Because what is the value of knowing something if you can’t share it with anyone?