From demand to reality - DemandBridge empowers enterprises with omnichannel, dynamic digital output

The #UGE differentiator – branded artwork creation

The struggle – an evolving marketing ecosystem

The DemandBridge Enterprise e-commerce toolset offers core functions for the brand management, customization, and distribution of marketing content across all channels. Each aspect of this e-commerce site – from template creation to UX to how and where data is output – must be continually evolving to keep pace with customer demand and new marketing channels. As customer expectations evolved, the editing experience needed to grow as well to secure a faster time-to-market. To excel in that mission, DemandBridge turned to CHILI publish.

The solution – consistent UX meets premier editing capabilitiesCHILI

CHILI publisher provided a way to keep pace with the growing number of templates created for the growing number of clients. “CHILI publisher lets us empower users to create their own templates,” Mr. Amer Mallah, CTO at DemandBridge, explains. “All they need to know is InDesign® and few other details, and they can design templates in a variable world.”

The workspaces feature of CHILI publisher lets DemandBridge release gradual control of templates creation, so assets can be edited and repurposed at will, without losing any brand control. For a more streamlined document editing experience, DemandBridge uses the dynamic fields feature for user selections to drive other selections. “Dynamic fields are something we could not implement with other solutions, but we can with CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine. This is essential to us because it’s something our customers are demanding,” says Mrs. Bengermino.

“Being able to see your changes in real time is critical,” says Ms. Michelle Bengermino, VP Product Development at DemandBridge. “The real-time editing in CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, is amazing. Users can fill in the form or – and this is huge – switch to edit directly on the item. This type of editing is difficult to pull off, and CHILI publisher does it well.”

The #UGE benefits – Exceeding marketing expectations

DemandBridge customers are increasingly adding digital and email to their marketing channels. They want the same level of brand control and usability they have been able to enjoy with their print campaign. Using CHILI publisher’s variety of output formats, DemandBridge will meet that goal.

DemandBridge has also seen an increased demand for programmatic digital ads. Using the CHILI publisher’s APIs, the company is developing the ability to interact with ad exchanges such as Media Map. A digital ad created and edited in CHILI publisher could then be pushed directly to an exchange to be placed on different properties. Users can see the results, collect data and modify as needed. “The CHILI publish API is awesome to work with,” continues Mr. Mallah. “These APIs are like a charm bracelet, giving us all we need to add more ‘charms’ or partner integrations to our bracelet. These partner integrations help us to meet our customer demands.”

“The digital capabilities are not just services that would be nice to offer – our customers require them. CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, is a key player in helping us create and deliver digital marketing campaigns that exceed customer expectations.” Mr. Mallah concludes.

Michelle Bengermino & Amer Mallah

VP Product Management Chief Technology Officer

The company – a SPICY star

Since their platform was released in 2001, DemandBridge has combined its visionary thinking with the right technology to futureproof the DemandBridge Enterprise toolset, enabling users to connect robust inventory and accounting software with eCommerce technology. DemandBridge thus created a brand control environment that is accessible by users of all levels while still enabling the tight brand control marketing requires. Today, thousands of customers access over 40,000 templates at the DemandBridge Enterprise.

DemandBridge works with a wide variety of brands, including retail, financial services, and franchises. These customer sites support users of all types – from marketing departments to franchisees. Despite the differences in users and markets, there is one common theme among all them: brand control.





DemandBridge Enterprise e-commerce toolset offers core functions for the brand management, customization, and distribution of marketing content across all channels. Brand control consistency during artwork creation proved a challenge


CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, enabling template-driven artwork generation to secure full brand control.


Proud SPICY star within the CHILI publish community since 2014 – the rapid implementation, ease-of-use and quick ROI turned it into an immediate crowdpleaser at DemandBridge.


Marketing teams at key customers have been able to reduce costs as they deploy customized template programs for digital and printed collateral that previously required the dedicated attention of full time employees via manual processes.


Branded artwork creation that is streamlined to workflow perfection, saving the customer time and money, optimizing the DemandBridge brand control premise.


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