GraFx publisher adds value to your Sitecore Content Hub solution and boosts ROI

Content Hub is a highly capable digital asset management (DAM) system that helps brands and agencies manage their entire content lifecycle. However, creative teams still spend a significant amount of time and resources working on simple design adaptations for different markets, languages, channels, etc. By integrating GraFx publisher within Content Hub, creative teams can break free from these repetitive tasks, giving them back valuable time to work on higher-value projects.

Beyond digital asset management

Sitecore Content Hub is an essential tool that allows companies to organize, manage, and share graphics from a centralized repository, but its capabilities can be extended much further. By integrating the GraFx publisher document editor into Content Hub, your users will have the ability to customize the assets they need before downloading them.

  • Convert static assets into reusable templates
  • Increase utilization and ROI for creative assets
  • Create more value for your DAM investment

Smart Templates ensure you’re always on-brand

Using GraFx publisher, static InDesign and Illustrator files stored in Content Hub can be converted into reusable templates – we call them Smart Templates. Why? Because they blend design decisions, document intelligence, brand guidelines, and automation into a flexible template that anyone can work with. And, since templates are pre-approved, no additional approval cycles are required – now that’s smart!

  • Control what can be edited and how
  • Swap images, edit a tagline or pick an alternate layout
  • Eliminate approval cycles for simple design adaptations

Self-service access so anyone can create the assets they need

Creative teams get bogged down by frequent requests to adapt designs for one-off uses. This isn’t the best use of their design skills and takes time away from higher-value projects. Using Content Hub powered by GraFx publisher, users browse templates like any other asset, but they have the extra ability to open the template in an editor to make changes before downloading the file. It’s that simple!

  • Effortless editing for non-technical users
  • No extra software needed – works inside Content Hub
  • Get to market faster without design bottlenecks

One template produces multichannel graphics of any size

Many assets need numerous variations created in different sizes for print and digital channels. This time-consuming task of manually creating design adaptations isn’t efficient, generates dozens or even hundreds of individual assets, and sometimes one-off sizes are still needed. This doesn’t scale! A single Smart Templates can be set up to work for print and digital at any size.

  • Eliminate siloed workflows for print and digital
  • Reduces DAM clutter so it’s easy to find the right asset
  • Single template simplifies asset maintenance

Discover GraFx publisher's Sitecore Content Hub Integration in this quick video

Thomas Julé

@ Airbus

Now users no longer require a designer to create a document as the dynamic, asset-driven templates are already uploaded, ready for adjustments.

We render millions of designs every month. We got you.

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