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Cerm is a global supplier of Business Management Software for narrow web printers. It offers a completely integrated workflow for this niche market, regardless of the company size.

Cerm has teamed up with several leading industry partners to develop an end-to-end solution, covering the entire value chain.


Facing rapidly changing market needs, end-customers require online tools from their printer to obtain the flexibility to quickly respond to their needs.

An important bottleneck in the life cycle of a new product is often the start, where the artwork creation and approval process slow down the time to market for the end customer and reduce the printer’s production agility.

The product

Cerm Web4Labels is the all-in-one web storefront for narrow web printers which brings online quoting, complete asset management and ordering facilities to the end-customers.

Integration with CHILI Publisher

The Web4Labels solution offers the end customer the possibility to create new products. This action can immediately generate and open a CHILI document within the Web4Labels browser window and enables to edit and modify the artwork content for his new product.

The CHILI document itself can hold all rules and restrictions to assure brand compliance.

The PDF output will automatically launch the appropriate prepress workflow. Within a few minutes, the soft proof awaits approval and the end user can order the new product.

The benefits

  • Flexibility and increased speed to market for the end-customer who can simply create new products himself with linked online edited artwork, without prepress operator skills.
  • Printer can focus on the actual production instead of the administrative duties that come with artwork creation and approval.
  • Strengthens the bond between the printer and end-customer.

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