MarTech West (San Jose) - Fueling the content engine

Apr 23rd - Apr 25th 2018

The crowded MarTech landscape supplies an array of tools to create, process, manage and distribute marketing content. The effect of this content is what generates marketing value for brands and companies everywhere.

The expansion of marketing opportunities brought about marketing automation technology, which only broadens the marketing spectrum further. Making it increasingly challenging for companies to create graphic assets timely and brand- and cost efficiently.

After all, the endgame is the same everywhere: the content engine is more than just tech.

Discover CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, at stand 404 at MarTech - it is an all-encompassing and highly adaptive graphics assets technology, empowering digital marketing services worldwide.

Book your demo here and find out how the #UGE is the engine you need to keep fuelling your marketing workflow.

What the technology does? Read all about it in this free white paper by Teresa Regli on “Elevatiing modern marketing applications”

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