Save time and improve consistency with snippets

Repurpose CHILI templates as snippets to eliminate repetitive work, improve user experience, and maintain consistency.

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About this webinar

CHILI publisher is built with CORE strength – Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere. And one of the best examples of this philosophy is snippets, which are essentially mini templates that can easily be repurposed within other templates. Knowing how to use them smartly can save yourself hours of extra work, improve user experience, and ensure brand consistency.

But snippets aren’t just for coupons and print ads. They can also be used in some creative ways when used in conjunction with alternate layouts and dynamic layouts, making it effortless to create complex layouts easily.

In short, you will discover:
  • How to create and import snippets into a CHILI template
  • How to import colors, fonts, styles and layers from a snippet
  • How to access snippet variables, alternate layouts and pages
  • How to resize snippets automatically using dynamic layouts