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Sean Crowe

This Customer Success Engineer at CHILI publish helps clients integrate CHILI publisher into new or existing frameworks. Sean is the API architect whose sole focus is on facilitating client success through troubleshooting code, training clients, consulting on framework integration, juggling a variety of languages (PHP, JavaScript, C#), and working his magic with Windows Servers. Skill he keeps sharp by programming, creating multimedia content, or exploring retro style games, television, and movies in his free time.

6+ years of experience in developing tech solutions for web design, content management, and network setup at small companies are completed with people skills picked up during his teaching experience as a physics teacher in secondary education. The combination with his sales and customer service experience at one of the largest consumer technical support companies in America makes him the trained professional of choice who will assess your project from both the technical perspective and the end user perspective your projects, company and users need.