Sean Crowe

Global Director of Technical Success at CHILI publish

Speaking about: A live integration with the new platform - November 23, 13:15

Open architecture and integration are the foundations of the CHILI publish core product values. During this session we’ll take you through the steps to make your first integration the new way. Basic knowledge of NPM is advised, but we’ll take it from the start.

New Creative Automation platform connectors - November 23,

We introduced the Publisher Interface in the summer of 2022 to make it easier for clients to integrate with CHILI publish Online. However, come January 2023, Google is making Chrome more secure, and most integrations will need to move over to using the Publisher Interface Library.

Spend some time with Sean Crowe as he discusses how to integrate the Publisher Interface library with tips on easily replacing old integration code with the new library.

About Sean Crowe

Sean Crowe is involved in many aspects of CHILI publish. He is a developer, solution architect, product advisor, CHILI expert, educator, customer advocate, and speaker. However, he will tell you that the most important thing he does is lead the Client Success teams to provide the best-in-class customer experience. Whether as a new client or a loyal CHILI publisher user, Sean's focus is on improving your experience.

When not helping clients, you can find him tinkering with functional programing and domain drive design concepts. Currently he is working on a Nim platform for the new systems level programming language called Roc.