Andy Russell

Client Success Engineer at CHILI publish

Speaking about: The ultimate guide to Smart Template optimization - November 22, 16:30

What makes a template smart? The cleverness of designer that made it. And that calls for some dynamic tools.
Join this session to discover the features that fuel these Smart Templates: Alternate Layouts, Dynamic Layouts, and Smart cropping of assets.
After this session, you'll be creating Smart Templates like never before.

About Andy Russell

Andy Russell is a Client Success Engineer at CHILI publish who helps clients transfer a design vision into an automated template. Andy is the Studio technician whose sole focus is on facilitating client success through troubleshooting the whole gamut of the back office or BO as Chillians call it. This could include documents, fonts, assets but may extend to the end user experience using workspaces and view preferences.

With a background in Graphic Design and also 15+ years of experience in working with tech solutions for artwork production and content management. The combination with his pre sales and artwork consultant experience at one of the largest print management companies in the UK makes him the industry focussed expert who will assess your project from both the production and the end user perspectives.