Join our Smart Template community of peers, customers, influencers and technical experts to discover the next steps in packaging, commercial print, agency life and brand expertise. Find out how to Grow Together in two days filled with market expertise, product technicalities, professional insights and some wholesome fun.

The annual forum for the Smart Template community

SPICY talks 2019 marks the 4th edition of our annual gathering.

This year our team, experts and guests will focus on Smart templates and how these simplify and automate the next steps in graphic design and production.

When an original design is done, the next steps in repurposing that content can be messy. It needn’t be if you rely on smart templates within CHILI publisher, the software for smart artwork and marketing material creation.

This was SPICY talks 2019!

What to expect?

Expert Area

Quick technical question? Head over to our 'Meet the experts area' and get the answers you need.

Plenary sessions

Renowned speakers like Theresa Regli (DAM expert), Jessica Berlin (DAM Director at the American Cancer Society), and many others.

Business sessions

Sessions on strategy vision and business life of brands, commercial printers, agencies and label & packaging.

Training sessions

One size doesn't fit all. We have novice or advanced sessions to make sure we fill everybody's needs.