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Piet Saegeman

Smart Templates for Content Strategy - how to deliver content at scale with CHILI publisher

Successful content strategy is reliant on visual communication. From key long-form content pieces, either gated or ungated, to their derived promotional visuals for Linkedin, Faceb . . .

Jessica Berlin

Smart Templates at the American Cancer Society

With about 4500 staff members across the organization and many markets to serve, the world’s largest cancer-fighting organization cannot afford to invest lots of time and donor dol . . .

Thomas Julé

Smart Templates at Airbus

When time is of the essence, accuracy is essential. Thomas Julé, Digital Project Lead, explains how Smart Templates in CHILI publisher helped streamline and optimize the creative p . . .

Carlien Vanoverschelde & Pierre Demarets

Dear brand, how good do you PULSE?

Through the PULSE study, bpost investigated the brand value for consumers across 9 sectors, 80 brands and 19 momentums. Carlien and Pierre will not only share the highlights of thi . . .

Nico Potvin

Digital Brand Transformation through smart templating

Build designers of the future that can create and manage dynamic artwork and rationalised data ready for design automation and distribution. . . .

Ben Summers

How a pivot led to SaaS success - a case study of marketing to sales automation

In this case study presentation Ben Summers will be revealing how a change in direction led to success for them and their clients. . . .

Mike Grehan & Lynn White

Personalization – the future of funerals

At a funeral service the centre of attention is the coffin and traditionally these are usually either a light or dark wooden colour. Plain coffins reflect the nature of traditional . . .

Bernhard Niemela

How graphic professionals benefit from social media

Paul René Engejordet

Smart templates in a turnkey brand and marketing system

Brand consistency has never been more important. Combined with the need to also be locally relevant in all channels the complexity has never been greater, especially for large bran . . .

Gary Howard

Personalised, Street Level Marketing made affordable!

Our Connects platform has delivered some interesting opportunities for data driven marketing, especially in light of GDPR. We develop solutions that allow clients large and small, . . .

Nico Potvin

Kadanza - Smart tools for strong brands

How Kadanza can manage your brand(s) more efficiently by offering smart tools, combine data sets, create and distribute on-brand material through smart templates and flexible workf . . .

Kevin Goeminne

Company update

Jarod Joyce

Protecting the Brand – how Dot-It delivers variable print to large chains

Find out how Dot-It Creative Director Jarod Joyce serves up his restaurant fulfillment customers the CHILI publisher smart templates. He tells all on how they ensure brand protecti . . .

Ward De Langhe

Smart Templates in CHILI publish - the solution roadmap

With relentless dedication, the team worked on new features that make CHILI publisher the most up-to-date software for smart artwork and marketing material creation. Join Ward for . . .

Theresa Regli

Adding intelligence to your DAM

Kathleen Bauwens

Smart marketing, from agency to shop floor

CCX is the largest in-house communication office in Belgium. Teams of experts support the different brands of Belgian retailer Colruyt Group to create effective marketing and commu . . .

John Arnsdorf

Philips rolls out CHILI publisher to improve brand compliance and bottom line

Philips, a global leader in health technology, focuses its innovation inward to solve brand compliance challenges. With 78,000 employees across 100 countries, participating in over . . .

Jürgen Grimm meets smart templates – the cloud-based solution for short run packaging

The packaging market in China is the largest packaging market in the world. Today's market status is that most designers and customers do not have access to professional design and . . .