Future-proof your web-to-print business with Smart Templates

How Smart Templates transform web-to-print portals.

[Video] Web To Print Strategy with Smart Templates

Customers are more demanding than ever, and there is little to no difference in B2B or B2C expectations. Making the right choice when selecting an online editor for your web-to-print portal opens a world of possibilities. Discover how you can support your growing business in this explainer video.

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  • Generate output files ready for production
  • Give your users advanced editing capabilities
  • Future-proof your portal with Smart Templates
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CHILI publisher alimente tout ce que nous faisons. Il permet à tous nos utilisateurs de personnaliser des cartes de visite, des cartes postales, des prospectus et des brochures sans que notre équipe n'ait jamais à intervenir.

— Jason Frueh

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