Ward De Langhe

CHILI GraFx product and roadmap — a smooth transition


Kevin Goeminne

State of Creative Tech in 2023


Pieterjan Blondeel

Moving from your Online Subscription to CHILI GraFx

During this session Pieterjan will take you on a step-by-step journey from an online subscription to our brand new Creative Automation platform. Discover how to transfer your asset . . .


Jeroen Cosyn

Multichannel graphics production with CHILI GraFx

Explore the new toolkit for you to organize your Smart Templates and create output to Animated Digital, Static Digital, and Print. Learn how to build a template with Alternate Layo . . .


Andy Russell

The ultimate guide to Smart Template optimization

What makes a template smart? The cleverness of designer that made it. And that calls for some dynamic tools. Join this session to discover the features that fuel these Smart Templa . . .


Sylvain Westerloppe

Building your first Smart Template the new way

Learn the new best practices to build your first digitally animated Smart Template! We let you play around with your next set of building blocks of the workspace, and the tools at . . .


Nico Potvin

Creative TECH TALKS — How to yield the full power of Design Automation to creatively​ Supercharge Your CHILI​


Jens Leven

Creative TECH TALKS — How CHILI publish empowers B2B2C brand platforms


Thomas Brouns

Fast forward your brand with Creative Automation


Patrick Tosolini

How we make Smart Templates even smarter


Brian Roels & Austin Meier

A live integration with CHILI GraFx

Open architecture and integrations are the foundations of the CHILI publish core product values. During this session we’ll take you through the steps to make your first integration . . .


Daniel Lücke

Creative TECH TALKS — How to turn fragmented data from multiple sources into a streamlined and successful automated creation process


Jasper De Craecker

Creative TECH TALKS — Designing your Creative Tech strategy for the All-Out Phygital customer experience


Sean Crowe

Connect to CHILI GraFx's API with the new Interface Library

We introduced the Publisher Interface in the summer of 2022 to make it easier for clients to integrate with CHILI publish Online. However, come January 2023, Google is making Chrom . . .


Pieter Van Parys

The CHILI publish technology stack

Why? This session is an answer to the Why question. Why did we choose for the technology stack we have today? We hope to inspire you to make use of these modern tech stack for yo . . .