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Create thousands of variants for any type of mailing – automatically

The success of any direct marketing campaign relies on triggering content and an irresistible CTA. No doubt you know the result of adding personalization to the mix. But did you know you can achieve an even higher ROI on any Direct Mailing campaign by connecting to the right data sources and automating the creation process?

Why you need CHILI publisher:

  • Connect with data sources to automate hyper-personalized campaigns
  • Get a higher ROI through meaningful and targeted campaigns
  • Transform your customer relationship to become their provider of choice
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How CHILI publisher perfectly combines user experience and data-driven performance

CHILI publisher simplifies and automates how mailings are made. By converting your Direct Mailing designs into editable Smart Templates with locked-in brand content, your clients can create their own custom mailings in the browser.

By connecting to external data sources such as DAM, PIM or even a simple Excel, literally anyone can use these connected templates to create thousands of variants for any type of mailing. Names, languages, visuals, CTAs – any variable you want. Hyper-personalization made super easy for you and your clients!

Professional-level layout tool for any kind of (non-professional) designer

Why not let clients manage their own brand? Trust the online editor to give them controlled access to original design elements and their properties. Let them do the work themselves; while you get to reduce approval cycles, save costs, and free up time for true creative.

  • Customers create their own documents
  • You decide what can they can edit and how
  • No assistance needed

Seamless integration with all (customer) data sources

The CHILI publish API connects directly with any asset management, project management, CRM system (like Salesforce), and marketing automation platforms. Rest assured it will seamlessly integrate into your portal, so your client keeps getting the best user experience.

  • Quick start
  • No technical administration
  • Comprehensive API

Let hard data do all the hard work

Rely on CHILI publisher to integrate with the automated data-driven document management system to streamline the marketing procurement process for your clients. Experience the immediate impact on efficiency in daily operations -saving considerable time and resources.

  • Use data sets
  • Connect data to Smart Templates
  • Execute marketing campaigns at scale

Ted Straus

@ Suttle-Straus

No more countless revision rounds since we let creative automation drive our brand portal.

How does CHILI publisher integrate with you?

CHILI publisher connects with any existing brand portal, which is how you get to offer your customers a self-service platform. Let them customize their Smart Templates while you focus on higher value work.

You’ll see how approval cycles will get drastically reduced, and with a bit of luck, made redundant entirely. Clients will come to rely on the platform to get all the files for all their channels – both on- and offline. Ready for the strongest client-agency relationship ever?

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Smart Templates are best described as a type of graphic document set up that lets users with no graphic training create ready-to-use visuals for online and offline. Smart Templates define which elements can be edited in which way and contain intelligence like brand identity guidelines or regulatory requirements. Because more design decisions are embedded in the Smart Template, fewer approval cycles are needed. Smart Templates operate in the browser, allowing anyone to create anything, anywhere.

Why are Smart Templates better than the traditional way of creating visuals?

The traditional creative process involves a designer building the graphic design with specialized tools. All iterations and variants require manual intervention, which is generally too slow and too expensive to scale. By automation the rest of the creative process, the designer gets to be creative, the customer self-empowered to drive their marketing campaigns.

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