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CHILI publisher fully integrates with your existing systems. Create the direct mail solution you've envisioned from the start.

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Create and launch direct mail campaigns with ease

Self-service portals let each user manage their own direct mail campaigns. Link variables within design templates to your data sources or allow users to upload their own data. Pre-defined document logic allows anyone to edit designs while ensuring the finished output is always on-brand.

Use CHILI publisher to convert ad hoc projects into profitable recurring programs by reducing development costs and eliminating approval cycles.

  • Import designs from Adobe InDesign or Illustrator
  • Choose what content can be edited and how
  • Self-service portals generate press-ready output

Unlock full variable creativity

With CHILI publisher, literally anything can be driven by data – a product shot, description, price, promotion, etc. Data can even affect the styling, size, position, or any other attribute too. What’s more, rules can also provide even more complex intelligence – that’s why we call them Smart Templates.

Smart Templates give you the ultimate creative flexibility and allow you to design highly personalized, graphically rich visual communications that drive engagement.

  • Vary any content using text and image variables
  • Control text styling and copyfitting dynamically
  • Swap alternate layouts for complete design changes

Integrate with your existing solutions

CHILI publisher isn't a standalone solution – it builds onto your current marcom or e-commerce technology stack. Using our powerful REST API, CHILI publisher can seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions and be fully customized to fit your workflow.

  • Integrate with marketing and e-commerce solutions
  • Connect to databases, CRM, DAM and PIM systems
  • Create ‘headless’ workflows for ‘lights-out’ production

Gary Howard

By automating the direct mail process, Precision Marketing delivers greater value for their clients while increasing the margin on each item they produce. The company now receives production-ready files, 24/7 without any human intervention.

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Discover how CHILI publisher can be used to create a direct mail platform, or how it can be integrated within your existing promotional workflows.

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