Bring personalization to your rapidly scalable retail marketing campaigns

Retail marketing is about to see a revolution as businesses tap into shopper data to bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping experiences. Seamless interactions, personalized experiences, localization down to an individual store-based level—all produced faster than ever before. Only a retail marketing platform with Creative Automation at its core can make these new possibilities a reality.

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Automate multi-channel production of printed POS and online digital ads

Connect your customers' online and offline shopping experiences with rapidly scalable, personalized marketing campaigns. CHILI publisher's template-driven automation means you can meet the print and digital needs of regions, stores, languages, devices and individual shoppers all from a single globally available, always on-brand template. Use a single smart template for:

  • Output to print, digital, and other output channels
  • Give access to remote teams to control on-brand localization and translations
  • Personalize and scale variant production without limits

Integrate with your existing retail Martech stack

Populating smart templates with content from your existing data tools (DAM, PIM, etc.) is simple and incredibly flexible thanks to CHILI publisher's comprehensive REST API. Scale rapidly when needed, and create a massive number of variants (ads, flyers, in-store promotions, direct mails, etc.) at the click of a button. The content you generate is always on brand and up to date. Integrate CHILI publisher with your existing Martech to:

  • Work within and leverage the tech you already have
  • Get ad campaigns to market faster at scale
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up graphic designers to do more

Global marketing strategy, with local, adaptable execution from one platform

Your global brand needs to speak to local markets and stores without brand dilution. Smart templates give you the confidence to provide self-service access to customizable assets across all your markets. And with document intelligence, brand guidelines, and automation built in, your retail communication solution can be highly adaptable to diverse output requirements (think regions, promotions, local store specials, one-time events, etc.) while keeping everything on brand.
Powerful smart templates enable:

  • Anyone to edit content in local markets or channels
  • Confidence that content and designs will be on brand
  • Easy preparation of high-quality print POS assets
  • Use of a single platform for print and digital output
  • Full creative flexibility in content and design adaptation

Keep your Adobe® InDesign® & Illustrator® creative toolkit

Professional designers have invested hours of their time learning and working with Adobe® tools. CHILI publisher fully integrates InDesign® and Illustrator® with your Creative Automation workflows. Designers work in the tools they love then trigger a single-step export via a dedicated plugin to create a CHILI publisher Smart Template. It really is that simple. What you gain from Adobe® integration with CHILI publisher:

  • Highly flexible design templates
  • Familiar functions that keep the learning curve low
  • Ability to repurpose existing creative assets
  • Happy designers with more time to create more

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