Get everyone to contribute to on-brand collateral. What you can learn from non-profits.

We asked Nico Potvin, Partner at KAN design, if he could share how non-profit organizations can create affordable, targeted content through their self-service, so they can increase the support conversion for their cause.

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What? 18 minute in-depth conversation with industry experts, followed by an 18-minute exclusive group chat driven by your input.
When? October 22nd, 4h30 PM GMT+2
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About this chat

Non-profit organizations are often decentralized, with members and contributors spread around the world. When localized, personalized marketing is needed, the organization is faced with a dilemma: do we let our members create their own collateral and put the brand at risk, or do we centralize its creation and put a burden on the organization?

On-point communication is essential. With no time or budget to waste, many non-profit organizations enable their members to create high-quality collateral without assistance whatsoever while safeguarding their brand.

In short, you will discover:
  • Why you need to enable self-service for members
  • How to protect your brand with Smart Templates
  • Reduce time and effort spent on creating collateral

Learn from the best – Your speakers:

Nico Potvin is partner of KAN Design and Co-Founder of Kandanza.
He has executed many projects for non-profit organizations and will share his first-hand experience with us.

Piet Saegeman is Content Strategist at CHILI publish.
He has held roles in technology, communication, marketing, and sales at at companies including Apple, Showpad, and Creo. His experiences there sparked his interest in how organizations communicate. Today, Piet is a regular speaker about this subject at conferences for marketing technology worldwide. An incorrigible enthusiast, Piet is passionate about technology and neuroscience, and he likes strong opinions, loosely held.

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