Web-To-Print, MIS, End-to-End Solution

CHILI publisher lets you create smart templates that everyone in your team can edit online inside any Prindustry product.

CHILI publish and Prindustry

CHILI publish and Prindustry together offer a unique automated web2print solution.
The online editor of CHILI publish can be integrated in a Prindustry Whitelabel Webshop, Brandportal or Customer Portal.

With CHILI publisher, users can design communications within a company's corporate identity. Prindustry connects this editor to their webshops and Brand Portals, enabling companies to not only personalise their communications, but also to manage, sell and purchase them. The webshops and Brand Portals are complete ordering and procurement systems for (print) communication.

The result: an all-in-one web2print software package with orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock, payment systems, online editing and more from one central system.

Want to see how our partnership drives marketing material automation forward?

Check this link for a complete lowdown on how we make profitable webshops and brand portals happen.

You can learn more about their Brand portal software solutions here.

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Prindustry is a software developer specialised in building web2print webportals with a centralised procurement and ordering system. Brand Portals, Customer Portals or WhiteLabelShops... they are all Prindustry products that come down to the same thing: convenience! With these cloud-based software solutions you manage your own B2C webshop or B2B communication platform. There is a central portal with modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, product info, design, stock and budget. Prindustry’s strength is making connections. We connect all kinds of communication products, partners and systems with our Brand Portals and Webshops.

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