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Providing a professional approach to PHP development​


E-commerce and custom workflow development integrated with CHILI Publisher are both an area of expertise for PHPro. Having developed successful solutions for both use cases PHPro has built an extensive knowledge of the CHILI Publisher application and possibilities. PHPro provides full end-to-end project development services or on-demand consultancy services when necessary.


PHPro is a competence center within the Cronos Holding that focuses on PHP development. PHPro has a team of 40 employees. This team consists of a number of analysts, project managers, system administrators and mainly technical PHP developers.

PHPro focuses on the technical aspects of PHP development projects and handles a professional approach regarding PHP development. Things like continuous integration, versioning, deployment mechanisms, unit testing are used as efficiently as possible in our projects.

PHPro focuses on complex enterprise level applications where terms as stability, maintainable and extensibility are of key importance to us. Technically, we focus on proven platforms like Magento and Drupal and pure custom development where we use robust application frameworks like Zend Framework and Symfony.

Cronos Group is a financially sound group of companies with a total annual turnover of approximately 300 M € in 2012. The annual growth rate is above 20%. Today, the Cronos Group consists of more than 3.300 IT consultants in more than 200 different companies organized in business activity clusters, each specialized in a number of technologies and businesses.

Magento connector

Together with CHILI Publish, PHPro has developed a Magento connector which allows you to link Magento products to CHILI documents. This connector provides a number of features and functionality which is necessary to enable CHILI Publish document personalization within your webshop.

This Magento connector gives you the possibility to start an online print business by leveraging the full strength of the Magento e-commerce platform in combination with CHILI Publisher as online publishing platform. CHILI Connector for Magento provides a solid and reliable foundation for any B2B or B2C print e-commerce project.


Finally, PHPro developed an out-of-the-box Magento Community webshop with CHILI integration based on the CHILI Connector for Magento. The goal of the solution is to provide a basic Magento webshop which communicates with a CHILI Publish environment. The plug & play connector in combination with the out-of-the-box Magento Community webshop allows you to get your web2print project up and running in no time.

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Providing a professional approach to PHP development​

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