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About Brandworkz

Brandworkz is a cloud-based brand management platform for marketers and creative departments. A centralised portal, Brandworkz is designed to be the content hub of your marketing ecosystem.

With so many marketing channels and so much content, it is easy to lose a grip of whether colleagues, agencies, distributors, franchisees, sales people and partners are communicating the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Brandworkz enables every internal team and external partner to understand the brand promise, access the right brand compliant content, create and edit artwork and collaborate with colleagues globally. Simply put, you get a more consistent, more effective brand in less time for less effort.

Brands like JLL, Dr Martens, Mitsubishi and Cambridge University are using Brandworkz to increase marketing efficiency and delight their customers with a consistent, integrated brand experience.

The integration with CHILI publish

Through Brandworkz’ tight integration with CHILI Publish, you can deliver a one-stop-shop for all things brand and marketing through a single platform.

CHILI will of course provide the web-to-publish dynamic templating engine, but using it through Brandworkz:

  • Image frames in CHILI templates can be configured so end-users can only insert images from approved ones within the Brandworkz DAM – or indeed a sub-section of it.
  • Admins will be able to tag W2P templates with unlimited, structured search tags such as “Template Type” (Poster, Envelope, Advert, Invite, etc), “Language” (English, French, etc), “Size” (A4, A5, etc), or any other tagging field which will make it much easier for end-users to filter down to the right templates.
  • W2P templates are indexed as part of the overall Brandworkz search creating a unified search for end-users across templates, images, videos, webpages, workflows, etc.
  • End-user generated artworks created from CHILI templates are also indexed as part of their main search, making it easy for them to find their previously generated artwork.
  • CHILI publisher doesn’t have any separation between master templates and artwork generated by end-users from these templates. Brandworkz introduces this concept on top of Chili so end-users can easily see which documents are master templates - as opposed to end-user created variations of templates. And admins can get reporting on which templates are most popular.
  • CHILI templates can have Brandworkz workflows attached to them – e.g. if a particular set of templates require approval before the end-user can download the final artwork, this can be configured. There may also be other templates where it should be possible for end-users to order physical prints from their created artworks, in which case the workflow can be configured so it asks the user for quantity and delivery details, and then sends the artwork on to your corporate print company for fulfilment.
  • If certain CHILI templates need to take data from an external data feed (e.g. price or product data from a PIM or MDM system), then this can be configured through Brandworkz, including mapping of HTML/XML rich-text to paragraph/character styles, e.g. for automatic style transformation of headings, bullet points, citations, etc from an XML feed.

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Your brand is made up of many different elements that fuse together to form your overall brand identity. This can be a complex arrangement. Brandworkz is here to simplify and streamline the management of your brand. Our Brand Management Software gives marketers everything they need to deliver a consistent brand experience, streamline their marketing operations, and build overall brand value.

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