Jay Pattisall

Principal Analyst at FORRESTER

Speaking about: How AI and IA will transform the ways agencies and brands work in the future - November 22, 15:30

Automation, data and technology platforms are ushering in an era of Intelligent Creativity for the world of marketing content creation. Today’s top creators work with software and machines to conceive, develop, produce and activate marketing and content that achieve velocity and effectiveness. The human-machine creative team combines precision with artistry and produces content at scale. This approach to content creation is changing the way creators work, the relationship between brands and agencies and the work they produce. Join Forrester analyst Jay Pattisall on November 22 as he unpacks the significance of Intelligent Creativity and how it supercharges marketing productivity.

About Jay Pattisall

Jay is a principal analyst serving chief marketing professionals. Jay is Forrester’s expert on agencies, leading research on the future of the agency sector and best practices that result in more valued relationships among agencies, brands, and customers. Jay draws from 20 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, creating marketing and advertising for large global and national brands. Jay’s expertise includes brand, communication and digital strategy, client engagement, and agency management.

Prior to joining Forrester, Jay was Vice President Group Director for Digitas; Director of Strategy for Anthem Worldwide; and Strategy Director for Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, leading strategy for brands such as General Motors, Goodyear Tire, Lenovo, A/B InBev, RadioShack, and MINI USA. Jay also has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative market research.