Suttle-Straus doesn't settle for less than CHILI publisher

Suttle-Straus creates customized brand portals using an e-commerce storefront platform integrated with CHILI publisher.

The struggle - missing link

Suttle-Straus has its roots in the manufacturing side and the facility space to prove it. 2 large buildings filled with offset, digital and finishing production equipment show the elaborate expertise of the company. But there can be no service without strategy, as Ted Straus, CEO and President at Suttle-Straus, indicates: “Our print results are excellent, but we also wanted to be focused on where our customers are headed. We wanted to build the same conversation with them from a marketing perspective.” So the company created an ecommerce platform to build customized brand portals for its print customers. The goal was to easily deliver brand marketing campaigns consistently across all channels by closing the gap between corporate marketing control and the customer’s end users. The dynamic document editing capability would be a key feature and unfortunately the one missing link to complete the solution.

Our print results are excellent, but we also wanted to be focused on where our customers are headed. We wanted to build the same conversation with them from a marketing perspective.

Ted Straus

@ Suttle-Straus

The solution - integrable tool

Suttle-Straus found CHILI publisher after some market research. The open API and scalable integration option immediately appealed to the company who wanted to build a one-stop-shop solution, rather than outsourcing bits and parts here and there. Soon it became clear they could leverage CHILI publisher as the key technology to promote its dynamic document editing capability. Brett Donelan, Premedia Manager Suttle-Straus puts it this way: “The designers were enamoured by the ease-of-use and the speed at which you can get a template up on the web. Our marketing crew was impressed with the scalability and the features.

The benefits - one-stop-shop

The customized brand portal platform is designed to streamline the marketing management process from initial design to final distribution. The integration of CHILI publisher validated the company’s promise towards it customers. Whether it’s sending a direct marketing campaign locally, updating in-store displays, or any other distributed marketing action, Suttle-Straus now has all the solutions it needs to combine versatile eCommerce and media building tools into one comprehensive platform. Simplifying a customer’s workflow while simultaneously allowing for centralized marketing control, it is finally possible.

Company profile

Suttle Straus is a marketing services provider, specialized in offering comprehensive marketing solutions to markets like commercial printing, direct mail, creative services, technology groups, large format, fulfillment, and distribution services. Now in its fourth generation, Suttle Straus strives to foster a culture of continuous improvement within the organization through a forward-thinking approach to communication solutions and technology. CHILI publisher proved an essential element in the development of the Suttle-Straus platform, which streamlines processes while unifying brand messaging across multiple locations, networks, and sales channels.

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