Best of both worlds - Mediacreator embraces creative simplicity and complexity with CHILI publisher

With the power and potential within CHILI publisher, Swedish online marketing resource management service - MediaCreator has confidently scaled with the needs of its customers. Chief Operating Officer Shai Apeloig explains how working with CHILI publish for almost seven years has transformed his business.

The struggle - Server issues and programming woes

When MediaCreator first launched, it offered a very different customer experience to the one it provides today. The same passion and drive was there, but its UI was nonintuitive and caused its fair share of complaints. Previews were drawn from a server, so how fast these were generated differed greatly depending on the server load, which varied depending on user interaction. InDesign® documents created by customers had to be manually recreated in-house. “In order to meet customer needs and build complex templates, we had to spend a lot of time on programming in a nonvisual environment,” explains Chief Operating Officer Shai Apeloig. “It soon became clear that we needed a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that gave users an easy-to-use online editor and us a dynamic means of providing that service. We needed a solution that fitted our vision and CHILI publish met our needs perfectly.”

The API is extensive and constantly evolving, so as we grow and extend into new vertical markets, CHILI publish scales with us.

Shai Apeloig

@ Mediacreator

The solution - An B2B MRM platform powered by CHILI publisher

When the Swedish outfit teamed up with CHILI publish in 2012, everything changed for the better. MediaCreator rebuilt the template handling in their B2B Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform with CHILI publisher. The UI is now built entirely around a simple yet intuitive WYSIWYG experience, where previews are generated in real-time so users can see and adjust marketing materials in moments. “For us, working with CHILI publisher gave us the best of both worlds,” reveals Shai. “It can be simple enough for our staff to utilize, while at the same time enabling us to customize scripts and more complex elements. The variable template sizes also means we can support users with both print and digital media - and CHILI publish is there to support us every step of the way. So we can have our cake and eat it at the same time!”

The results - A scalable, template-driven solution

By giving MediaCreator the freedom to embrace the graphical potential of CHILI publisher and its dynamic templatization, CHILI publish has enabled Shai and his team to provide a cloud solution that scales with its growing customer base and the ever-changing market. With both InDesign® and Illustrator® plugins, MediaCreator can convert customer designs and templates faster and easier an ever before. And with the ongoing support of CHILI publish, that WYSIWYG interface continues to beat at the heart of its online print solution. “It’s the sheer versatility of CHILI publisher that makes all the difference for us,” says Shai. “The API is extensive and constantly evolving, so as we grow and extend into new vertical markets, CHILI publish scales with us. The CHILI publish philosophy of focusing only on developing the core product and not forcing us into a fixed environment remains an important reason why we see a bright future with them.”

Company profile

MediaCreator is an online B2B Marketing Resource Management platform which enables customers to manage and customize their marketing and communication assets. Shai Apeloig, Chief Operating Officer, MediaCreator, shares what he believes sets CHILI publisher apart and what makes it just the right tool. “We have a broad customer base in several industries, but with CHILI publisher we’re always confident we have the graphics engine to meet any challenging template design or specific client requirements. However simple or complex our demand, CHILI publisher steps up to the plate and delivers when we need it.”

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