Personalized and environmental coffins & caskets - LifeArt relies on Smart Templates to truly make the difference

Mike Grehan, Executive Chairman & CEO for LifeArt discusses the importance of helping customers connect with their recently departed loved ones, and how the speed and accuracy of Smart Templates make that unique personalization of a LifeArt product a painless no-touch experience for everyone involved.

The struggle – Connecting customers to a truly memorable send-off for their loved ones

UK-based coffin service LifeArt does more than sell coffins & caskets – it’s selling a unique zero-touch service where customers can create bespoke coffin & casket designs with a patented manufacturing process. The challenge for LifeArt and its Executive Chairman & CEO Mike Grehan was finding a way to empower customers with an online design editor that removed the need for designers to manually create templates for every order.

The solution – A shared vision for connected design technology in the funeral market

With CHILI publisher, LifeArt was able to make this dream a reality. By embracing Smart Templates, its engineers could automate the process and give customers anywhere in the world the ability to design coffins & caskets through an online platform that’s freed up resources internally, optimized the overall print & production process and transformed how grieving families pay tribute to their loved ones. LifeArt’s unique personalization service is now truly connected to its customers and their needs.

The results – Personalization through smart templatization

"We’re able to offer our customers a simple, painless, zero-touch design experience that helps them create the coffin or casket design that will pay homage to the deceased.** This online design offers people the digital privacy they need in the mourning process.** Customers can approach the process in their own time, adding images, colors and motifs that help memorialize their loved one in a way that’s truly unique and personal to that family.” – Mike Grehan, Executive Chairman & CEO at Lifeart Innovation Centre.

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Company profile

LifeArt is a world-leading, innovative team developing funeral products including coffins and caskets. By creating a network of genuinely sustainable suppliers, LifeArt and its partner companies will be in a position of strength as inevitable legislation is introduced, inspiring the industry to take better care of the planet.

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