Pieter Van Parys

Chief Architect at CHILI publish

Speaking about: The CHILI publish technology stack - November 23, 16:15

Why? This session is an answer to the Why question.
Why did we choose for the technology stack we have today?
We hope to inspire you to make use of these modern tech stack for your solutions.

About Pieter Van Parys

Vetted in cloud migration and consultancy work, Pieter joined CHILI publish over 5 years ago as a lead engineer on the development team. Ever since his mission was to modernize and evolve the CHILI publish tech stack which culminated in Pieter becoming Chief Architect. In this role he oversees and steers the technical roadmap and vision of the company. Driving innovation at CHILI publish by looking into the future and doing research and POCs is what he lives for.Bootstrapping the new Creative Automation platform alongside the editor application are the first big milestones of his vision for Chili 2.0. His personal touch is the focus on developer experience and ease of integration of the new Creative Automation platform.