Calculate Your Creative Automation Score (CAS)

Creative talent is the key to making your marketing materials, packaging, and other graphical output truly unique. But talent takes time, and time is scarce. Creative automation helps speed up the process so materials can be produced at a larger scale without forcing designers into repetitive and fallible tasks. And that’s where the CAS comes into play. Do you know your CAS? Let's find out!

So, what is the CAS formula?

[CAS = C / ST]

  • Variations (V) = Languages x Sizes x Products x Market x Channel
  • Cost (C) = V x hours spent x hourly rate
  • Smart template (ST) = Hours spent on template creation x hourly rate

But what does this mean?

Unlocking your creative automation score is C divided by ST. Scoring 10 or higher on this spectrum means your marketing output process is ideally suited to the cost-effective and enhanced productivity of a Creative Automation tool.

You can calculate your very own CAS by using the formula on the left. Or just fill in the form below and receive your CAS immediately in your inbox.

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