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Get to market faster with data-driven graphics

Marketing today relies on data. Do you store, curate, manage, and use data in your MarTech stack? Discover how connecting your single-source-of-truth information to Smart Templates changes the game.

  • Embed Brand identity guidelines into a Smart Template
  • Connect to your data and eliminate content errors
  • Let users generate on-brand, correct files for digital, print, and packaging by themselves
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Better brand governance with Dynamic Layouts

Dynamic layouts redefine how graphics are made. They take Smart Templates to the next level and enable brand governance at scale. Embed brand identity guildelines with more control and less effort than ever before, for any channel.

  • Create flexible Smart Templates that can adapt to any situation
  • Build graphics for digital, print, and packaging with a single tool
  • Run many campaigns in different markets with just a handful of Smart Templates
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Interesting webinar recordings

Modern Brand Governance with Smart Templates

More and more market leading vendors and some of the world’s most recognizable brands are adopting technology that allows them to create, customize and personalize graphics.

This free webinar features Piet Saegeman from CHILI publish, who outlines what smart templates can do for digital content strategists in any kind of business.

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Elevating modern marketing: Making Assets Dynamic

Are your assets sitting in a DAM, static, requiring human intervention for anything useful to happen? Do you need to create personalised marketing campaigns, localised packaging, or custom advertising - yet it seems to take forever?

This webinar will explore approaches for making your assets more dynamic. We'll look at approaches to populating smart templates with digital assets, based on data, rather than perpetuating tedious manual processes.

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CHILI publisher for e-commerce Graphics

Do you want to offer the world's most advanced editing capabilities in your e-commerce platform? Whether you are still working with a pdf submission workflow or want to upgrade your existing editing solution, this webinar is for you.

We'll show you how can use CHILI publisher as the Universal Graphics Engine in your platform, explain how you can easily create new or migrate existing templates, and explore features no other editing solution offers.

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Jessica Berlin

Former Director of DAM, USA

@ The American Cancer Society

They were literally downloading what we had and copying and pasting things on top of it, and then making photocopies of that. It was just messy and not at all in line with our branding guidelines. We really needed to put more into that web-to-publish component that was far more flexible – a solution that would really be able to leverage more functionality.

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