Why you should move to CHILI publisher Online

Delivering Technological innovation in MarTech is our business at CHILI publish. We’ve been driving change in graphic production through cutting edge Creative Tech and thought leadership since 2010.

Hyper-speed localizations and personalization from connected systems. Multichannel globally distributed output. Borderless marketing. Glocal to the extreme. Online, Offline and ‘Phygital’. These are just some of our customers’ evolving requirements that we’ve met over the years.

And today, the best way to continue to evolve at a speed that keeps our technology ahead of the trend is through a cloud-based SaaS platform.

SaaSy and Spicy go together

SaaS is the perfect complement to the vision we share with our customers. Today, our shift to CHILI publisher Online is nearly complete. Some of the biggest names on the Fortune 100 list have already adopted CHILI publish’s cloud solution, and key brands from the world of publishing, printing, agencies, retail, logistics and supply chain, and IT have all embraced the future of Creative Tech with CHILI publisher Online.

In fact, since January 2021, the vast majority of our customers in all sectors have migrated their CHILI publish solutions, and are onboard and enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

What are the key reasons everyone is moving at full steam ahead with CHILI publisher Online? Let’s take a look!

Why the move to Creative Tech online?

There are many customer-centric, compelling reasons why SaaS is the right direction for platforms of all types. SaaS has good company, of course, with global players like Microsoft®, Apple®, Adobe® and Google® providing solutions, and with every size of business from enterprise to Mom & Pop now using SaaS at some level or another.

The business benefits of moving to SaaS for graphic production Creative Tech are particularly compelling, and we were privileged to sit down with Jasper De Craeker, Delivery Leader at Positive Thinking Company (PTC) and cloud visionary, earlier this year to discuss what now is the right time to move graphic production Creative Tech to the cloud. Check out our interview with Jasper to get a comprehensive overview of how the cloud is radically improving graphic production for customers and providers alike.

Every SaaS Company wants to grow with double or triple digits. With the ongoing challenge to remain relevant in a crowded marketplace, SaaS providers should make it a priority to partner with experts that will boost product innovation and drive up productivity and performance.

Jasper De Craecker

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Benefits of moving to CHILI publisher Online, the CHILI publisher in the cloud

As an innovator in the Creative Tech space, CHILI publish has led the way in building a cloud-based solution that makes the benefits of SaaS available to all our customers across the globe. We’ve trailblazed in the cloud-based graphic production world, creating a MicroSaaS platform that is truly as customizable as your business plan requires without needing to reinvent the wheel as you develop and deploy.

Of the many benefits that CHILI publisher Online brings, here are some of the highlights:

  • New Business Opportunities: with a cloud-based Creative Automation platform, you’re able to innovate new data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions for a global client-base.
  • Available everywhere, all the time: it’s the cloud, after all!
  • Cost savings: no hardware costs and manageable licensing fees take the strain off your budget.
  • Accelerated innovation: a much faster pace of development and bug fixes come from CHILI publish HQ. And QA has moved to the next level too.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: start small and scale fast when you need to. Getting started is more affordable than ever, and growing your perfect solution just got a lot easier.
  • Automatic system monitoring: you’ll rest easy knowing the service is constantly keeping tabs on itself. Our support is notified immediately if there is an issue.
  • Automatic backup and disaster recovery: a rigorous backup regime is built into CHILI publisher Online, saving you time and nervous energy!
  • Supportability: a single technology stack without multiple versions and hardware configurations enables us to deliver much faster and more effective support services.
  • Availability of a vast cloud integration ecosystem: our open, standardized APIs get you out of tech siloes and communicating with the services you need to build your ultimate graphical production solution.
  • Development sandbox: The cloud has made spinning up new instances easy, so now you can test new features and road test release candidates without disrupting production.

CHILI publisher move to a cloud-only service

You can read a deeper dive into these and other advantages of moving CHILI publisher Online in our blog. This article also gives CHILI publisher on-premises users the information they need on the changes to our development roadmap, support and licensing models.

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Objections to moving to CHILI publisher Online SaaS?

With so many immediate benefits and more promised for the future, there remain few reasons not to get onboard with CHILI publish’s cloud solution today. Nonetheless, there are two important points of hesitation for some businesses that we’d like to address here.

Corporate restrictions make change difficult

Enterprise and big businesses understandably keep strict requirements in place for any software that integrates or communicates with their technology stacks. Traditionally, this has meant many IT departments prefer on-premises solutions so they can test and deploy solutions on-site where they can keep an eye on things.

However, with the arrival of robust, secure cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and the widespread adoption of ISO security standards, the level of cybersecurity provided by certified, cloud-based solutions is now mature and enterprise-ready. And beyond security, there are strong financial incentives that make cloud solutions the right move for scalable, fast, efficient technology improvements.

  • CHILI publish is ISO27001:2017 certified, ensuring we match the compliance requirements for a huge number of modern businesses. Visit our Trust page for full information.
  • CHILI publisher’s cloud infrastructure is based on the industry-standard [Microsoft Azure framework](https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/ISV-Inspiration/Improve-your-graphics-with-CHILI-Publisher/td-p/32209), ensuring tight compliance with enterprise systems.
  • SaaS solutions are generally considered an Operating Expense (OpEx) as opposed to Capital Expense (CapEx). This means approvals can happen without long managerial delays, and business and technical goals can be hit faster. Forecasting is also made significantly easier, and resources can be deployed rapidly on an as-needed basis.

SaaS is too risky given the current climate of uncertainty around SaaS-based Startups

Just like Microsoft, Apple, Google and a host of other vendors, CHILI publish has never been part of a SaaS speculative bubble. Our offering was mature before we moved to an online infrastructure. We made the decision to adopt cloud technology and SaaS licensing because these allowed us to deliver the best and most affordable implementation of our already proven business solution to our customers.

Closing thoughts

CHILI publish is an established innovator in the graphical production space. Today, we are convinced that CHILI publisher Online is the best way to continue serving our customers with groundbreaking graphical production technology solutions.

Most of our customers are already embracing the new business opportunities that cloud-based Creative Automation of data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions provides. Will you join them? It’s as simple as getting in touch today!



Flora Nkuranga

Jun 30, 2022

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