Tharstern Chooses CHILI Publisher For e4print PRO

Enhanced integration and extended capabilities are delivered by Tharstern's e4print PRO MIS solution following its adoption of CHILI Publish’s CHILI Publisher.

Thanks to CHILI Publisher’s online editor users can create and follow their orders in the e4print workflow and edit documents in wysiwyg. This in turn makes templating simpler and quicker and lowers the skill levels required for print buyers to be able to manage collateral online.

The mature and feature rich functionality of CHILI Publisher also enabled Tharstern to introduce a completely new content approval process.

“This was a textbook case on how CHILI Publisher can be integrated with other software or platforms,” comments CHILI Publish’s Managing Partner Bram Verniest. For CHILI Publish it was a very important collaboration as it adds to the visibility of CHILI Publish and showcases CHILI Publisher’s abilities. “CHILI Publisher is made to be integrated,” adds Verniest. “Tharstern has done a terrific job. It offers an out-of-the box product, so end-users can start right away. CHILI Publisher offers many configuration options but the heavy lifting is already taken care of by e4print pro. As a result CHILI Publish can keep its focus on developing the most creative online document editor."

Tharstern Marketing Manager Ross Edwards adds: “CHILI Publisher has been developed from the ground up with a rich API that we have been able to seamlessly integrate our web2print application into. The two-way communication we can achieve enables us to combine variable data with variable manufacture and variable price, something which we have never previously been able to achieve. We’ve also been able to capitalise on the previewing, comment and annotation features to extend our offering to on-line document creation and on-line content proofing and management.

“We can now present our customers with a very powerful integrated solution that is not just web2print but web2workflow to help them generate and maximise revenues and profitability via e-commerce. We believe that gives us a competitive edge against our competition.”

Workflowz distributes CHILI Publisher in the UK & Ireland, and Alan Dixon comments: “From both a commercial and technical point of view the embedding of CHILI within Tharstern e4Print PRO has been very simple. The opportunities for Tharstern to now offer a complete solution is quite amazing, and the initial reactions even from the most skeptical have been very positive.”

The full capabilities of e4print PRO were demonstrated at Tharstern’s February 2nd launch held at Manchester United FC, Old Trafford.

About Tharstern
Tharstern is unequivocally recognised as a global market leader supplying innovative Management Information System (MIS) technology specifically tailored to support the exacting needs and requirements of commercial printing and graphic arts industry.

Based in Colne, Lancashire in the UK Tharstern Limited is the owner and developer of Tharstern MIS solutions including; PRIMO® our enterprise Print MIS, SmallPrint® our MIS package for SmallPrinting organisations and e4print® our e-commerce solution to combine with PRIMO® and provide a front end to the MIS over the internet.

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About CHILI Publish
CHILI Publish was established in 2010 by three entrepreneurs with a passion for the Publishing world.
The main activity of CHILI Publish is the development of its powerful web-based CHILI Publisher software and the sales of the software through a value added partner channel or directly. CHILI Publish also provides instruction and training.

CHILI Publisher (the hottest online document editor) is the Flagship product of CHILI Publish. CHILI Publish has its offices in Erpe, Belgium. Distribution is covered by partners around the world.